Marathon at Home: Dubai Sports Council new fancy initiative

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Marathon at Home: Dubai Sports Council new fancy initiative

Dubai Marathon at Home

Image Source: Khaleej Times

Marathon at Home is Dubai Sports Council’s fancy initiative.

If you ever thought of running a marathon – the full 42195km distance – in this time of COVID-19, then get your running shoes out and mark April 10 on your calendar.

Dubai Sports Council, in collaboration with ASICS Middle East and 5:30 Run club, have come up with an exciting new initiative, the Marathon at Home, which will take place under the umbrella of DSC’s ‘Be Fit, Be Safe’ and #stayhome campaigns, and is designed to keep members of UAE’s community in running shape inside their home.

The first such race of its kind in the world, Marathon at Home will be a timed 42.195km race open to people of all ages and abilities, and will take place on Friday, April 10, between 8 am and 6 pm UAE time, with a 10-hour time cap.

Participants can decide on the shape of their running course, but running on a treadmill or any other training equipment will not be accepted. Running in public areas is also not allowed – the participant will need to physically run on the ground, and inside their house.

The participants will also have to make sure they have a fully charged smartwatch or smartphone, with the Strava app installed and activated. They will have to join the “Marathon at Home” group on Strava and stay connected as the app will detect their movement and will assist in keeping track of their timing and distance traveled.

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News Source: Sports 360

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