World’s Youngest Serial Killer – Amarjeet Sada story unfolded

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World’s Youngest Serial Killer – Amarjeet Sada story unfolded

World's Youngest Serial Killer

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World’s youngest serial killer. Amarjeet Sada’s story is unfolded in worldtillnow. This is the story of a young Indian boy who started committing murders at the age of 7. He was just 8 when he was captured by police.

It was the murder of a baby girl that led to the arrest of Amarjeet Sada. The boy is from a village of Bihar, India. He was born in 1998 in Begusaray in Bihar, India. His family lived in a village of Musahri.

The interesting and frightening factor is that all of his victims were children, to be precise, newborns. The young serial killer murdered babies few are hardly 4-8 months old. He killed his own sister and his uncle’s daughter.

The third victim was a baby girl of his neighbor named Khusboo, whom he picked up and brought to a field.

He said he killed all babies by stoning them with brick on their heads and burying them under bushes and dry leaves.

He was questioned by the police officers and they didn’t see any kind of attitude change or fear in his eyes. Amarjeet confessed his crimes and explained in detail about the killings.


Psychologists explained that the boy suffered from ‘Conduct Disorders’. He didn’t know what is right or wrong.

He is reported to have served 3 years in prison and later set free. Some say that he spent his time in a psychiatric facility.



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