At least six dead as tornadoes hit US: Issued highest level of tornado alert

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At least six dead as tornadoes hit US: Issued highest level of tornado alert

Torando Hits US

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At least six dead as tornadoes hit US. The tornadoes caused “catastrophic” damage and prompted the National Weather Service to issue its highest level of tornado alert.

US: Six people were killed as tornadoes hit the US. When tornadoes ripped through Mississippi on Sunday, the officials issued the highest level of tornado alert and promoted the southern US state to declare an emergency. The tornado has caused catastrophic damage to the state as per the US media.

Governor Tate Reeves tweeted that he had declared a state of emergency “to protect the health and safety of Mississippians in response to the severe tornadoes and storms hitting across the state.” “We are mobilizing all resources available to protect our people and their property,” Reeves said, telling residents “you are not alone.”

The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency reported that all six deaths occurred in the southern part of the state according to the initial reports and updates will be made available at a later time. .

The Storm Prediction Center has predicted severe thunderstorms to continue in Mississippi and in the neighboring states of Alabama and Georgia.

Reeves later retweeted a message from the state disaster agency reminding people to cover their noses and mouths and practice social distancing to prevent the spread of coronavirus if they had to go to public storm shelters.

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