Passport for newborn in UAE – What & How to do?

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Passport for newborn in UAE – What & How to do?

Passport for Newborns in UAE - What & How to Do it Properly?

Image Source: Gulf News

Passport for newborns in UAE – What & How to do it properly? There are very few steps if done properly that will ease out your headache of procedures in applying for a passport for your newborn.

Passport for newborns in the UAE is a matter of headache for many parents as they are unsure about the rules, policies, and procedures behind it.
it is said to have an average of 300 newborns every day in the UAE belonging to different nationalities. The information is as per the reports of
Below are the steps to process the passport application for your newborn.
– A newborn’s passport application can only be forwarded if the parents are formally married and legally recognized as married couples.
  • As soon as your baby is born in a hospital, the management would issue a birth certificate for the baby. Please make sure to carry it.
    • If the baby is born in a Government hospital, they will issue the birth certificate as a next step.
    • If the baby is born in a private hospital, parents will need to apply to the Ministry of Health and Prevention or the health authority in their emirate of residence for a birth certificate by presenting the birth notification.
  • 30 days is the time frame given to register the birth in the UAE. Therefore, you must act at the earliest.
  • According to the rules of the UAE government, if the parents are of different nationalities, the child will inherit the nationality of the father.
  • Parents must submit relevant identification documents to the hospital where the child is born
    • Only then they will process the birth certificate.
    • It can be submitted to the relevant health authority of the emirate also.
  • The documents to be carried are;
    • Attested marriage certificate
      • If it is in a language other than Arabic, and attested Arabic translated certificate is required.
    • Original passport and residence visa copies of the husband and wife along with photocopies.
    • Birth notification details from the hospital where Child is born
    • The discharge summary from the hospital
  • All expatriates must attest birth certificate from the Ministry of Health and Prevention & Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Corporation.
  • Birth certificates must be stamped by the Department of Health Abudhabi (HAAD) or Dubai Health Authority (DHA) is equivalent to the seal by Ministry of Health and Prevention.
  • Parents can follow the immunization schedule.
    • (An immunization book will be given as some vaccines (BCG and Hepatitis B) are administered at birth. Book will be updated each time a vaccine is given)
  • Take the passport size photo of the baby (eyes must be open). It must be on a plain white background.
  • Each country’s consulate or embassy will have different procedures for applying for a passport.
    • Check with them for the formalities or visit the embassy for paperwork
    • Each embassy charges different amounts for passport applications.
    • Check with the embassy or consulate for knowing charges, papers & documents, the processing time
  • The Emirate allows you with a 120 days time frame to arrange for the legal documents of the newborn which includes;
    • Birth certificate
    • Residence ID
    • Passport
    • Visa
  • The ministry will charge an additional Dh100 per day if the formalities and papers aren’t completed within the stipulated time.
  • The baby will not be allowed to exit the country if the papers are not clear.

News Source: Gulf News

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