COVID -19 cases: US tops Italy and China

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March 30, 2020
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March 30, 2020

COVID -19 cases: US tops Italy and China

US has the top number of coronavirus positive cases now. More than 85600 people are said to be infected by the virus. Italy has most number of deaths but the pandemic seems to have spread in the US at a higher speed. The medical centers are reported to have less ventilator facilities and masks. The medical diagnostic capacity is also limited due to rapid increase in the covid-19 cases.

Worldometer, a website that keeps records of the coronavirus cases, states that the US has the highest number of cases reported so far and it counted upto 85600 by Thursday night. The spread is quick and fatal, surpassing China and Italy in less than a couple of days. Deaths counted up to 1300 and recovery up to 1860.

Newyork is said to be the epicenter right now as the total cases are close to 39000 and deaths up to 460. New Jersey, California, Washington, Michigan, and Illinois are behind. On March 26 alone 17224 cases are registerd an 268 deaths reported. The patients in the ventilator stayed for an average of 11-21 days. The density of people in New York is comparatively higher than the other provinces as international travelers, tourists, and students are more in numbers.

The officials also stated the concern of the ventilator facilities in the State as the requirements lies on an average of 30000 as per the present conditions. The Center for Disease Control and Federal Emergency Management Agency are working to sort out the issue of testing and reporting on the samples.

Social distancing and lock-downs are in practice and the government has availed testing facilities across 50 states, and more than 5M samples have been tested. The lack of ventilators, masks, glove, gowns etc. are still a concern and a challenge. The requirement for more beds for COVID- 19 patients are also to be sorted out. The situation is alarming and spread is still on its peak.

Unemployment has peaked the US, and more than 3.3 million people have filed for unemployment recently. The virus has destroyed businesses and left ordinary people with uncertainties and chaos. The government has ordered a relief package of $2 trillion to beat the crisis, help the workers and small businesses. The stock markets are playing down and fell heavily.

The official from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases said that a warmer weather might assist in beating down the spread and the virus could return in winter as a seasonal trouble. The doctors and nurses attended the COVID-19 cases urge everyone to stay home andisolated as they have seen the fatality of the virus infection and based on the challenges the medical professionals face in dealing with the pandemic. Help is coming from the State within in means of free flights for medical volunteers.

The spread of coronavirus in the prison is the most frightening factor in the US right now. The bureau reportedly holds more than a million and half inmates in its various facilities. There are also private facilities where inmates are kept.

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