Bois Locker Room- Truth behind the controversy

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Bois Locker Room- Truth behind the controversy

Bois Locker Room - Truth behind

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Bois Locker Room- Truth behind the controversy is finally being exposed.

New Delhi: It has been only a few days since we listened to the controversial #boislockerroom and #girlslockerroom. We witnessed arrests and death of a  minor too in the situation.

What’s the truth behind the #boislockeroom? It was a girl who created a fake profile on Snapchat and messaged a fellow classmate, talking about her own sexual assault.

Investigations in the #boislockerroom finally revealed hidden truths. The boy in the conversation had refused to participate in the sexual assault and stopped relaying as well.


Police said, a screenshot of the Snapchat conversation initially went viral, along with chats from the lockerroom. But, it it turned out that the two conversations were not related. Their probe has revealed that a girl had created a fake account by the name of ‘Sidharth on Snapchat and chatted with a male classmate about planning a sexual assault, apparently to see how he reacted.

DCP (cyber cell) Anyesh Roy said, “There were many screenshots which went viral and mont them was a screenshot of a one-to-one Snapchat conversation, where a persona identified as ‘Sidharth’ is suggesting a plan of aggravated sexual assault of a girl to other boy.

The alleged conversation was actually between a girl who had created a fake account in the name of Sidharth and sent the messages to the boy, she suggested a plan to sexually assault herself.”




News Source: Twitter

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