12 yr old walks 100 kms, dies on highway -Coronavirus

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12 yr old walks 100 kms, dies on highway -Coronavirus

Indian migrant workers

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12 yr old walks 100 kms, dies on highway.  20 year old cycled 1,700 km from Maharashtra to his home in Odisha. 24-year-old pregnant woman walked 500 km and gave birth when she arrived home.

Telangana: Controversies never ends. The country is witnessing several events that break hearts and are beyond words. There are reports from several parts of the country where the poor suffers and the rich enjoy luxury. Thousands of people are walking homeless and jobless without food, medications, care, and attention.

Mahesh Jena, a 20-year-old cycled 1,700 km from Maharashtra to his home in Odisha.

Ranveer Singh walked 200 km from Delhi only to collapse and perish on the highway.

24-year-old Kallibai Kevat, heavily pregnant, walked 500 km from Mathura in UP to Panna in MP and gave birth when she arrived home, famished and exhausted.

12-year-old Jamlo Makdam, her parents’ only child, walked over 100 km from Telangana towards Chhattisgarh but died from exhaustion before reaching home.

India’s brutal side where social and economic inequalities prevail are suddenly being glaringly revealed, every day in news headlines.

Many a people like the above are never considered human or are never been in the face of India. They are lumped under the category “migrant workers” but many are expert masons, skilled artisans, carpenters, tailors, drivers, delivery men, who keep the engines of the city moving even though they’re treated as unwelcome, unnoticed guests, a faceless horde, existing on sufferance.

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News Source: Times of India

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