Government urges stay-at-home and isolation – A few tips to stay safe while keeping yourself entertained

Coronavirus: All you need to know
March 30, 2020

Government urges stay-at-home and isolation – A few tips to stay safe while keeping yourself entertained

The novel Corona virus is spreading rapidly across states, countries, and continents. As no vaccine has been discovered so far, the governments of each countries have enforced ‘lock-down’ for 14-21 days. The mass all over the world are confused and uncertain on what to do at home while on ‘lock-down’ and when ‘work-from-home’ is not available.

The list is greater than we thought and creative ideas keep pouring from all over the internet. Lock- down is the best time to master or get acquainted with the several ideas and thoughts you earlier wished for. Here are a few ideas penned down for your reference.

  • Keep yourself entertained

Keeping entertaining during lock-down is easy as we have many online video streaming sites and games to play. Get yourself a subscription of Netflix or any other sites, and stream your favorite TV shows and movies with family while at home. Play video games with your children and siblings. This will improve internal relations and intimacy.

  • Home renovation

Renovating or reorganizing your home during lock-down is a brilliant idea. All your disagreements on certain object positioning can be discussed and experimented. Change your interiors, paint a wall, decorate rooms, and do a lot of creative works at home.

  • Learn a language

There will never be a better time to learn languages as you are currently on a lock-down. Download any language app like ‘Duolingo’ and start learning. Browse YouTube tutorials and online materials to learn the language you choose. Watch movies in that language.

  • Learn a course

This is the best time to learn a course online as many great people have made their lessons free and available for the public without any payment. This is particularly done to support people isolated in hospitals or at home. Learn for civil service exams and other technical courses. Learn website development, SEO, digital marketing, ecommerce, or any other courses.

  • Engaging activities

It is the best time to take care of your mental by engaging in some physical activities including exercise, yoga, gardening, dancing, cleaning activities, creating a kitchen garden etc…. As no one is there to watch and judge, you can try dancing to your extreme. Read recipes and experiment in the kitchen. Build an aquarium, grow fish, or take a walk with your dog.

  • Learn instruments

This is the best time to learn some instruments you have been awaiting for years. Learn music and instruments of your choice. 21 days practice makes you perfect. Also, don’t forget to educate your children too.

  • Understand nature

Explore internet and discovery channels to learn more about wildlife, nature, climate, animals and birds, wildlife photography, pet animals, and a lot more interesting features of the wild earth.

  • Stock-exchange

It is also the best time to learn about stock-exchange you have been much excited and curious about. Learn about the shares, trade patterns, tips, and tricks. Observe, learn from YouTube and other internet resources, make your plan and execute.

  • Blogging

Ever visualized yourself as a blogger? This is the right time to work it out. Decide a niche and work on it. Pen down your articles and evaluate it repeatedly. Publish it online and see the responses.

  • Go extravagant

Refine your writing skills, try online acting classes, try to write a book you dreamed of, experiment in writing a screenplay, and write short stories and novels while in lock-down.

  • Become a vlogger in 21 days

Ever thought of becoming a vlogger but sidelined due to becoming too conscious. This is the best time to become a vlogger. Shoot videos of your kids, siblings, or your own activities while in isolation and sent it to friends and relatives to gain confidence and experience, and later choose a niche. After 21 days of continuous practice and experiment, you’ll become an expert.

If you are technically skilled, offer your courses online to the world with a minimum charge or free of charge. It will help many students and professionals to upgrade their knowledge.

  • Update your technical knowledge

Attend live webinars, seminars, and other technical events online to enhance your technical knowledge on the interested subject.

  • Read a book

Read your favorite novels and books from the famous writers either online or offline. By reading books, you can develop a quality hobby and enrich yourself with good thoughts and ideas. There are audible books and apps. Make good use of it spend your time fruitful.

  • Get yourself fit

As you have enough and more time to spend at home, configure your work-out plan by reading fitness related articles online and watching fitness videos. Schedule your time accordingly to spend 1 or 2 dedicated hours for fitness. Subscribe yourself to fitness videos for free.

  • Talk to your parents, siblings, and children

Having indulged so far in the money making process and being busy in the offices, many of us haven’t spoken to our parents, children, and siblings openly since a long time. This isolation and stay at home is the best time to sort-out all long-term issues. We can also talk to our neighbors within a distance and sort out small issues we had.

  • Read and observe news

Read news and observe it once in a while daily to know more in detail about the latest updates on Corona and other policies and instructions set by the government. It is advised to watch only news hour updates and do not overthink or stress out.

  • Meditation

Practicing meditation is a great deed and one of the best thing you can do to your body and mind. It enhances peace of mind, thinking levels, and keeps our attention and emotions under control.

  • Unclutter your emails

We have seen several advertising and marketing emails daily heaping inside the email box and never did get enough time to unsubscribe from them. Take a turn now to unsubscribe and reorganize the mailbox.

Covid-19 has been affecting the world very badly and we all are in a fight to resist it by keeping ourselves isolated and at home, practicing social distancing. We can utilize this time to do several things which will directly benefit us. There are things that can enhance our knowledge, physique, mental and spiritual health, relationships, home, and neighborhood.

Stay safe, practice social distancing, and keep yourself entertained and motivated by doing some of the tasks from the above list.

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