Coronavirus Outbreak: How to help others

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March 30, 2020
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March 30, 2020

Coronavirus Outbreak: How to help others

There is a lot you can do to help others during the fatal coronavirus outbreak. While some people are selfish and emptying supermarkets without consideration, there are a few communities willing to extend help and support to others. They are unsure of the means to offer support. We need more people like this – ‘you are a responder’.

The novel coronavirus is a never ever expected enemy that the world hasn’t seen in decades. The entire world is affected and is uncertain on the treatments, prevention’s, controlling spread, and offering help.

Lock-downs are in place and people started stocking up their houses with items whereas many average people aren’t capable to afford purchases. Videos and reports on the Americans emptying the supermarkets have gone viral, inhuman acts. Many a people got scattered and isolated in places where there is no food, no medical help, and practically no one to help.

With proper care and social distancing, you can still be able to help those in need as it is very difficult to neglect the poor and the needy. Some of the practical ideas include volunteering for help with NGOs, donating money to the people who help, sponsor food, medicine, masks, or anything that could be of use now.

Delivering meals is the elderly, the poor, and to children is a great idea. There are people who aren’t able to leave homes and find food due to high risk of infection. Join communities and volunteering NGOs to make sure the elderly and children are not left without food and essentials.

Ask if you neighbor is alright and have enough food supplies and medicines. This makes you a responsible citizen. It is not necessary to visit them in person yet there are many other ways to contact people in the neighborhood.

Volunteer yourself to join hands with health practitioners in training and guiding the ordinary people about healthcare, preventive methods, and how to stay healthy and safe while in quarantine.

Donate to healthcare funds and charities. These funds would go to help poor, support healthcare workers, to buy food, and to find and manufacture a proper vaccine.

Another way to extend support is by buying from local and small businesses as they their loss would be much high compared to big supermarkets and shops. Donate to Emergency Relief Fund – COVID 19 and the fund will be used to support families of those who lost jobs in this difficult times.

Donate blood as number of infected cases are increasing, hospitals and individuals will find it difficult to arrange for blood in emergencies. Healthy people should volunteer and donate blood even in this difficult situation. As per reports, coronavirus hasn’t infected through blood so far.

Be responsible. It is the best thing you can do. Practice social distancing and stay at home if you are sick. Clean the common areas and sanitize them. Do not incite panic and fear to others by spreading false messages and gossips. Help people in need and donate to charities and communities that do. Obey the rules and instructions set by the government and render possible physical or economical help needed.

Moreover stay home, stay safe, and do not be a carrier of the virus.

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