Boris Johnson: British PM test positive for coronavirus

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March 30, 2020
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April 1, 2020

Boris Johnson: British PM test positive for coronavirus

The second high profile in the British Kingdom after Prince Charles, PM Boris Johnson (55) tests coronavirus positive. In addition to his health minister tested and confirmed of COVID-19, the chief medical adviser also displayed symptoms. The PM is also accused of not adhering to his own instructions to the crowd and remaining ‘Nonchalant’. He is keeping self-isolated and continuing his activities from home.

On Friday, the British Prime Minister confirmed that he is tested coronavirus positive and is in isolation. Until he has been tested and cured, he’ll continue in isolation and managing his duties and responsibilities remotely. He is said to have undergone mild conditions of the symptoms including a temperature rise and cough.

He stressed that he would continue fight with nation in controlling the virus and urged people to adhere to the instructions strictly and stay home. The three week lock-down is the most significant factor in deciding the further spread of the virus. Mr. Johnson was in a tough encounter to beat the virus with his chief medical advisor and the health secretary.

The video message of the Prime Minister went viral yesterday. He was thanking the technology and said he would continue to communicate with team members in the fight. As cases are increasing day by day, the three men army of the PM, the health secretary, and the chief medical adviser will have to do their part from the quarantine. The total cases in UK now rise to 14543
and deaths to 759. Meeting will be through video conferencing anything including official papers, food, and any other deliverables will be kept at the gate for him to collect. Mr. Johnson lives with his pregnant fiancée in 10 Downing Street and all the civil servants, political advisers, and other teams have been withdrawn whereas the essential workers are kept.

Foreign secretary Dominic Raab is expected to take place of the Prime Minister in case Mr. Johnson is unable to perform his duties. The government is also under pressure and is doing their best to give prioritized coronavirus test to the ministerial people.

Britain has availed testing and diagnostic measures for the people in the frontline and had freed upto 50 hospitals along with 33000 beds to treat the coronavirus infected. The health department has requested anyone with mild symptoms including fever and dry cough to take extra care and isolate immediately. They should practice social distancing for a two – three weeks period and do not physically interact with anyone.

The PM is also failed to have kept safe distance with the significant members of the parliament and senior public figures. He seems to have shaken hands with coronavirus patients while visiting some hospitals and later might have contracted with many others in the cabinet. The close contacts of both the PM and the Health Secretary includes Dominic Cummins (Chief Advisor), David Frost (Chief Brexit Negotiator), and Lee Cain (Director of Commons.) Carrie Symonds (Johnson’s Fiancée), Dominic Raab (Foreign Secretary And Deputy PM), Rishi Sunak (Chancellor), Robert Jenrick (Housing Secretary), George Eustice (Environment Secretary), and Sadiq Khan (Mayor Of London). Some other significant people included Professor Chris Whitty (Chief Medical Officer For England), Dr. Jenny Harries (Deputy Chief Medical Officer), Neil Ferguson (Imperial College Epidemiologist), Sir Patrick Vallance (Government Chief Scientific Adviser), Professor Stephen Powis (NHS England Medical Director), Helen Dickinson (British Retail Consortium Chief Executive), Jeremy Corbyn (Leader Of The Opposition), Priti Patel (Home Secretary), Jacob Rees-Mogg (Leader Of The Commons), Michael Gove (Cabinet Office Minister), Nadine Dorries (Health Minister), Prince Charles, and finally the The Queen herself. Prince Charles, Health Secretary Matt Hancock, Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and Labor deputy leadership candidate Angela Rayner are the top profile confirmed cases of COVID-19 in UK whereas the Chief Medical Advisor Prof. Chris Whitty also taking severe precautions due to the mild symptoms he had.

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