UAE Revokes Night Permits: Combating Coronavirus with National Sterilization Program

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UAE Revokes Night Permits: Combating Coronavirus with National Sterilization Program

UAE national sterilization program

Adding to the effective measure to combat coronavirus pandemic in the UAE, the ministry suspended all night moves to sterilize the nation. Disinfection program will happen throughout night hours in view of the National Sterilization Program. The previous authorization to travel during night hours with a special permission is no more effective until Sunday, April 5.

The MOI (Ministry of Interior) revoked all permits to move at night on Tuesday and urged the people to stay indoors during those hours. The Ministry has come forward with a National Sterilization Program to disinfect the entire nation during the night hours. The disinfection will be carried out from 8.00 PM to 6.00 AM, until April 5th or otherwise instructed.

The Ministry also urged people to stay at home to stay safe from the pandemic coronavirus. The earlier authorization of ‘Night permit to move’ was canceled and measures are taken to prevent any traffic during the cleansing hours. The earlier permission was given for people to undertake essential travels and purchases. The public could make use of the website to request permission to move around at night. The new ban adds to the relentless effort of the Ministry to combat the coronavirus spread and avoid all chances of contraction.

To increase the speed and efficiency of the sterilization process, the Dubai municipality is making use of drones to disinfect the cities. The disinfectants used in the process are non-toxic which makes it trouble-free for humans and animals. Thousands of sanitization workers along with 750 heavy portable pieces of machinery were used in Abu Dhabi alone to spray the streets with disinfectants. The officials at Tadweer, Abu Dhabi’s waste management company addressed it as an environment-friendly liquid. The liquid is approved by EPA [Environmental Protection Agency] and can be used to cleanse foodstuff stores also. Deep cleaning procedures are taking place everywhere and even volunteers came forward to register for the mission. Sharjah Police is making use of radars to help them process sterilization programs by keeping the traffic off.

The ban denies permits for any travel which includes local, federal and ‘Tajawal’ services. With 639000 active cases and 220000 closed cases globally, death counts up to 42340. The total number of cases in the UAE increased to 664 and total deaths marked 6 with the recent death of a 67 year old Asian.

People are urged to not go out if not in an emergency or to buy food and medicines. People working in the critical sectors including health, energy, communications, postal, military, education, security, shipping, pharmaceutical, water, food, aviation, airports, passports, financial and banking sectors could extra care and go if needed in the working hours. All other people are urged to stay at home and work from home if possible. The priority is to stop the spread of the coronavirus pandemic and the support and corporation of all the public are required in the process.

UAE bans night moves

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