UAE confirms 294 new cases

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April 6, 2020
Dubai sterilisation program
UAE Extends Disinfection Programs – 24 hrs for 2 Weeks
April 6, 2020

UAE confirms 294 new cases

COVID-19 cases in UAE

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new cases of COVID-19 in UAE on Sunday is 294.

Coronavirus is gradually spreading across UAE. The total confirmed cases piled up to 1799. Sunday alone a total of 294 cases got confirmed. Recoveries are in the slow pace where 19 cases confirmed to be recovered from the pandemic.

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The Supreme Committee for Crisis and Disaster Management has stated that it would continue with the sterilisation program further until notified. The sterilisation and disinfection would take place 24 hrs a day. The Supreme Committee believes that this would add to their effort of preventing the rapid spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

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