#LootTemplesGiftMinorities : TN governments recent statement is debated over controversies, Hinduism, and extreme comments

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#LootTemplesGiftMinorities : TN governments recent statement is debated over controversies, Hinduism, and extreme comments

#LootTemplesGiftMinorities TN government orders 10 crore from temples

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#LootTemplesGiftMinorities : TN government’s recent action is debated over controversies, Hinduism, and extreme comments. Tami Nadu government recently asked 47 Hindu temples to pay a total of Rs. 10 crores to fight the spread of coronavirus has caused controversy and extremist comments in the country.


The Tamil Nadu government has asked 47 temples to donate a total of rupees 10 crores to the CM Relief Fund to fight pandemic coronavirus. But on the other hand, the state government has ordered the distribution of 5,450 tonnes of free rice to 2,985 mosques of the state on April 16 in the month of Ramzan, so that those who were keeping Rojas would not suffer. This rice at Rs 21/kg will cost the Tamil Nadu government a little over Rs 11 crore.


The main reason for the Tamil Nadu government’s criticism and controversy of this directive is also that it has not been given to Christian and Muslim institutions that receive grants from the government annually. Earlier the Madras High Court had rejected the petition, refusing to interfere with the Tamil Nadu government order to distribute free rice to mosques in the month of Ramzan.


A hastag #LootTemplesGiftMinorities since began spreading all over the social media which points out that state governments are looting the money from Hindu temples and helping the minority communities. The governments are not asking the Christian or Muslim communities to share funds.


Hindu temples generate a lot of income and the fact is known to all which is why government presence is found in the temple bodies.


No similar help or plan is given to prepare offerings to the village deities of Hindus during Chaitra and other months. The Tamil Nadu government collects more than Rs 3000 crore per year from Hindu temples through Handi collection, offerings, darshan tickets, special program fees, etc., while only Rs 4-6 crores are given for maintenance. Rest 2,995 crore rupees remain with the government.


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