India considers narrowing lockdown to coronavirus hotspots

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India considers narrowing lockdown to coronavirus hotspots

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India considers narrowing lockdown to coronavirus hotspots, the Prime Minister is to review lockdown plans this week.
The initial lock-down period in India is to be completed by April 14th and the country has faced economic distress and crisis than most of the countries. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is due to take a decision this week on whether to extend it. The hectic lockdown of India’s 1.3 billion people to prevent an epidemic spread, the respiratory disease caused by the virus, ends on April 14.
Migrant workers were a category of people severely affected by the lockdown and they were seen walking miles on highways to reach homes in the countryside. India, Asia’s third-largest economy, was also under severe pressure due to varying reasons.
More than 80% of the positive cases of the coronavirus have been traced to 62 districts – less than 10% of India’s landmass – according to government data. These are concentrated in the western state of Maharashtra, home to financial capital Mumbai, Delhi and the southern states of Tamil Nadu, Telangana and Kerala.Many parts of the country have not reported a single case.

“To manage coronavirus, we are working on a cluster containment strategy,” said Health Ministry joint secretary Lav Agarwal, leading the effort to tackle the outbreak.

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