Evacuating Indians from Gulf: Air India & Navy stand by for orders

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Evacuating Indians from Gulf: Air India & Navy stand by for orders

64 flights to bring back stranded indians

Image Source: ANI

Evacuating Indians from Gulf: Air India & Navy stand by for orders. As the pandemic doesn’t seem to stop soon, the government has asked the Navy and Air India to stand by to evacuate Indians from the Gulf. The Gulf has been requesting countries to repatriate their citizens at the earliest amid coronavirus outbreak and economic crisis.

India:  The national carrier Air India and Indian Navy has been asked to be ready to bring back the stranded Indians from the gulf. It is going to be a mass evacuation and there are millions of Indians out there in the Gulf.

“We are assessing the scenario and finding the plan to evacuate Indians from the Gulf countries. We have asked Air India and Indian Navy for the detailed evacuation plan”, said government officials to ANI.

As soon as the government started registrations to bring back the people from the Gulf, millions of applications were received. Many Indians have contacted the embassy through social media platforms and emails. The government is doing all possible planning to make the evacuation speedy.

There are around 10 million Indians in the Gulf. The Navy can evacuate 1,500 persons in 3 warships. India has also got 500 aircraft which will be used to evacuate the people. The expenses are going to be massive and it is still uncertain of how the expenses will be met.

Disinfection of the aircraft and warships would be a major challenge once the evacuation process started. Another challenge is to find and arrange suitable place to accommodate all these millions of people in quarantine.






News Source: ANI

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