Coronavirus World Statistics as of today: April 28

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April 27, 2020
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April 28, 2020

Coronavirus World Statistics as of today: April 28


Image Source: Harvard Health

Coronavirus statistics as of today, April 28th. The pandemic has been in action for a couple of months and there are no positive traits that it is going to end.

The total cases of confirmed coronavirus infection are: 3,064,894
Total deaths so far: 211,609
Total recoveries: 922,408
Let us look into some real-time statistics of COVID-19.

The total ACTIVE CASES – 1,930,877 currently infected patients

1,874,577 (97%) in mild condition

56,300 (3%) in serious or critical condition
Details of the number of closed cases: 
1,134,017 – cases which had an outcome:
922,408 (81%) – recovered / discharged
211,609 (19%) deaths
The United States has been in the top position when it comes to the country-wise statistics. With 1,020,505 cases, 56,803 deaths, and 138,990 recoveries.
Italy (26,977), Spain (23,521), UK (21,092), France (23,293), Belgium (7,207), Germany (6,126), Iran (5,806), China (4,633), Brazil (4,603), and the Netherlands (4,518) mark the highest death rates respectively.
News Source: Worldometer

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