Coronavirus: All you need to know

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March 29, 2020
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March 30, 2020

Coronavirus: All you need to know

Coronavirus is known to cause breathing difficulties in humans combined with mild cold to fever conditions. Dry cough, fever, respiratory issues, throat issues are some of the common side effects of the virus. The present pandemic was caused by a novel coronavirus reportedly originated in Wuhan, China. Some other types of coronavirus include MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) and SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome).

The virus spreads through physical contacts and less known to have carried over the air. Most affected people in good health are having mild issues whereas sick people and aged people are seriously affected and hospitalized. The other factors complimenting death include high blood pressure, cardiac issues, lung problems, diabetes, and aging. The virus infection can be confirmed only after a diagnostic test at approved laboratories. Contact your health center or medical practitioner if you have any of the above symptoms including a running nose. A majority of people with good health history have recovered from the virus infection and if proper hygiene and social distancing are practiced, the virus could be controlled better.

As more than 467000 people are infected by the virus, death rates are also comparatively increasing. This new virus is officially acknowledged and reported as a pandemic by WHO and all other major health sectors.

The symptoms of the virus infection will start to appear apparently from 2-14 days. The infection happens in the same case as other viruses, i.e., through droplets. Open coughing and sneezing could lead to infecting surfaces and viruses will transfer to the people who come in contact with those surfaces. Your risk virus infection when you touch your face with a hand after you had contact with an infected surface. Properly washing the hands with soap and sanitizers are recommended by experts to keep safe.

Keeping your family and yourself exposed to unclean areas and surfaces risk the infection of coronavirus. All you need to do is to educate your family members and friends on the importance of hygiene and to avoid touching face often. Wipe and sanitize the common surfaces and keep yourself at a distance when going out. Give everyone separate toiletries and avoiding sharing common things would add to the safety. Avoid going out and meeting people.

From the reports of Italy and China, it is evident that people who are aged more than 60 and infants under 2 are prone to the virus. Therefore, it is advised by health experts to keep them at home and avoid meeting or greeting them after you have come from outside.

Currently, there is no vaccine identified as of now but scientists are in full swing researching and developing a proper vaccine. A proven vaccine can take 6 months to 2-5 years to get fully developed and approved. If you feel to have a higher temperature, contact the hospital immediately.

As governments have announced lock-downs, stay safe, practice hygiene and keep yourself away from exposure to the virus.

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