China spreading coronavirus: Allegations still continue its way

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April 27, 2020
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China spreading coronavirus: Allegations still continue its way

China spreading coronavirus

Image Source: Reuters

China spreading coronavirus: Allegations still continue its way.

Reuters: China is still under the suspicion of spreading the coronavirus to destroy the global economy and emerge as the top country sidelining the US.

Many speculations over China’s suspicious hand in the pandemic were a hot topic of discussions over these months.

China’s foreign ministry on Monday denied claims that Beijing is spreading disinformation about the coronavirus following a European Union report that said there was “significant evidence” of covert Chinese operations on social media.

“China is opposed to the creation and spreading of disinformation by anyone or any organization. China is a victim of disinformation, not an initiator,” said foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang at a regular press briefing on Monday.

China has fiercely defended its handling of the novel coronavirus amid calls from some countries to initiate an independent investigation into the virus and its source, as per Reuters.

The foreign ministry’s Geng said there was no conclusive evidence that the virus originated in China, and warned that “political maneuvering” behind calls for an independent investigation would not be successful.

China is still hoarding personal protective equipment

As first reported by the New York Post, China-based U.S. manufacturers of personal protective equipment have told the White House that they are being prevented from exporting their goods outside China.

To make matters worse, media reports suggest that Chinese companies in Australia are telling employees to hoard any protective equipment that they can get their hands on and then bring it to work. From there, the materials are to be shipped back to China.

So why, if China says it has turned the corner on the coronavirus and is now focused on supporting the international community, is President Xi Jinping’s regime still hoarding masks?

CGTN documentary with 800 million views ignored by America

The video was published with never-before-seen real crime scenes of terrorism, which highlighted the hefty prices China has paid and the country’s resolution in eradicating terrorism.

A lot of the video and audio clips in the English-language documentary were disclosed for the first time as concrete evidence of the horrible crimes wreaked by terrorists in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. It also revealed hard evidence of interactions between terrorists and overseas masterminds.

News Source: Reuters

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