New Coronavirus Vaccine Candidate shows Positive Symptoms: Vaccine Trails

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New Coronavirus Vaccine Candidate shows Positive Symptoms: Vaccine Trails

New Coronavirus Vaccine Candidate shows Positive Symptoms

Image Source: NPR.ORG

New Coronavirus Vaccine Candidate shows Positive Symptoms. Moderna is touting preliminary data from an initial coronavirus vaccine trial.

Moderna, Inc., of Cambridge, Mass., developed a vaccine for Coronavirus in collaboration with the National Institue of Allergy and Infectious diseases.

The human trials are in progress and reports say that the preliminary data fro the virus test is showing positive symptoms. The new vaccine is said to be safe and appears to be responding to the immune system.

The results reported Monday to come from an initial analysis of a Phase I study primarily designed to see if the vaccine is safe.

The company reports no serious side-effects; however, modest side-effects included redness at the injection site, headache, fever, and flu-like symptoms, although none of these lasted more than a day.

The company first trailed the medicine on 45 people in three groups. The vaccine was given in different doses to different groups. All groups got an initial shot, followed by an improved after-doze.

As per the reports of NPR.ORG, it further states that,

Immunogenicity is what the company further looked into. It is the process of identifying the vaccine’s ability to induce antibodies to the coronavirus.

It did, for all subjects at all dose levels. In addition, eight of the subjects were tested for the presence of neutralizing antibodies that prevent the virus from infecting cells in the laboratory. All eight did.

The company also took special care on safety means.

The Food and Drug Administration has given Moderna the green light to begin a Phase II study expected to enroll an additional 600 volunteers — half older than 55 — to provide additional immunogenicity data. The company hopes by July to begin a Phase III study, aimed at showing that the vaccine can actually prevent disease.

The Moderna vaccine is made using messenger RNA, or mRNA, a molecule containing the genetic instructions to make a protein on the coronavirus surface that is recognized by our immune systems. Although mRNA vaccines have been studied for several years, so far none has been licensed by the FDA.

The advantage of mRNA vaccines over more traditional vaccines is they can be made quickly. The company says it was just 63 days from the time Chinese scientists revealed the genetic sequence to the time a vaccine was injected into the first volunteer.

Moderna’s is one of about a dozen COVID-19 vaccine candidates that have begun studies in humans.

News Source: NPR.ORG

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