Expired food items of 5300 Kg seized in UAE factory

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Expired food items of 5300 Kg seized in UAE factory

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Expired food items found repacked worth 5300Kg. 

Ras Al Khaimah Municipality shuts down a factory after finding expired food items repacked. The RAK municipality official said that they were given tip by informants on the violation.

RAK municipality assigned a special team at the earliest to avail all the information possible and to verify the incident. A huge amount of food products were found ready to be repacked and distributed. The total quantities were around 5321kg.

The majority of the foodstuff was cakes and its ingredients. All the machines and tools along with the foodstuff have been confiscated. The tests from the municipal lab proved it expired and unfit for human consumption.

The RAK municipality took immediate action and the factory was closed on the spot. The food items will be destroyed as per the policies, and heavy penalties will be imposed on the violaters.


News Source: Khleejtimes.com

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