Coronavirus survivors in Bihar face a Social boycotting – Ostracized by neighbors

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Coronavirus survivors in Bihar face a Social boycotting – Ostracized by neighbors

Coronavirus survivors in Bihar face social boycotting

Image Source: Gulfnews

Coronavirus survivors face a social boycott in Bihar. Villagers, relatives stay away fearing their lives are in danger.

Life has become more miserable for a number of coronavirus survivors in Bihar. Soon after they were released after finding negative results, they are now facing social boycotting from their neighbors and villagers.

They fought the deadly virus at the hospital in isolation and quarantine. The villagers still think that they carry the deadly virus with them and if mingled with them, the villagers and relatives would succumb to the virus too.

The villagers have not only boycotted the survivors, but also the families of the survivors. The result is that such families have virtually locked themselves in their homes to avoid coming across insulting remarks from their neighbors.

From neighbors, relatives, and close friends to shopkeepers … just about no one wants to mix with them. But what beats everything is the fact that people have stopped talking to the survivors’ families even over the phone! Such is the social stigma linked to this infection. The idea of social distancing, as such, looks to be slowly turning into ‘social discrimination’ on the ground.

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