Kaamyaab movie received praises from Paulo Coelho.

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Kaamyaab movie received praises from Paulo Coelho.

Kaamyaab movie receives praises

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Kaamyaab movie received praise from Paulo Coelho. It is a movie produced by Shahrukh Khan and is receiving much praise and accolades from international level people. Now, Paulo Coelho appreciated SRK for producing such a beautiful film. The superstar responded it with a charming tweet.

Kaamyaab stars Sanjay Mishra and is revolving around the journey of a Bollywood character artist and their contributions to making films memorable. Those character artists fall behind the shadows of the glamourous stars and their commercial values.

Kaamyaab, was released a couple of weeks prior to lockdown being imposed throughout the country. The movie couldn’t do much well in the box office as it was expected due to its indie appeal. Whoever saw the movie praised it beyond values. It has won hearts of everyone who watched it.

The film, starring Sanjay Mishra, revolves around the journey of a Bollywood character artiste, and how such actors contribute so much to making our films memorable, yet are forever resigned to the shadows before the glamourous stars who steal the limelight.

Shah Rukh Khan, who threw his weight behind the project, came in for special praise across all quarters for backing such a touching and important film moviegoers.

Now, internationally renowned novelist Paulo Coelho, whose books have sold millions of copies worldwide in multiple languages, has also echoed this high praise for Shah Rukh Khan, drawing parallels with the story of Kaamyaab and talented Brazilian actor Flavio Migliaccio, who unfortunately committed suicide after being disillusioned with how he was being treated by his indigenous film industry.


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