Dubai to reopen cinemas and business activities on Wednesday.

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Dubai to reopen cinemas and business activities on Wednesday.

Dubai to reopen cinemas and business activities on Wednesday.

Image Source: Gulf News

Dubai to reopen cinemas and business activities on Wednesday, May 27, 2020. The country is setting up stringent plans to prevent the spread and organize hygiene activities.

Cinemas are among the recreational spaces that will reopen in Dubai from tomorrow (Wednesday, May 27). A strictly organized hygiene protocol has been set for cinema chains to reopen after two months.

Khaleej Times reached out to multiple cinema chains to understand the precautionary measures that will be in place for residents looking to go out for a movie night. Among the rules are mandatory masks for everyone and social distancing of 2 meters at all times.

  • General health and safety measures
    * Temperature checks are required prior to entry
    * Wearing a face mask is mandatory
    * Hand sanitizing using the sanitizers provided
    * Online tickets purchase
    * Social distancing of 2 meters
    * Contactless payments are encouraged
    * Social distancing maintained inside the theatre
    * Families are allowed to sit together (a maximum of 4 people)
    * Social distancing when queuing
    * Age limits stated by authorities will be applied, and staff may need to verify the age by checking Emirates ID card
    * Children under 12 and adults over 60 years old will not be admittedOther precautionary measures:
    * 30% in-cinema seating capacity
    * Only disposable cutlery will be used
    * Rigorous sanitization routines will be implemented at all touchpoints
    * For sanitization and cleaning, materials which are approved by Dubai Municipality will be used
    * Touchless sanitizers are placed around the cinema
    * Staff will be wearing masks and gloves at all times
    * Staff temperature will be checked regularly
    * Staff will maintain a high level of personal hygiene
News Source: Khaleej Times

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